Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll go through frequently asked questions you might have before you dive into your dashboard and register an account!

With our bot you’ll be able to:

  • Kick Members when their subscription finishes or failed to renew
  • Take automatic payments
  • Send out secure one time links


This is all done automatically in the background so you don’t need to worry about it.

The bot is feature rich with many commands that you can use on a day-to-day basis.

Automatically. You can setup your Payment gateways.

Currently you can setup Paypal & Stripe gateways.

When a new customer signs up there will be a recurring plan setup for them which takes the money automatically.

If it fails or they cancel they’ll be removed from the groups.

When you setup an account you’ll be taken to your personal dashboard with steps on how to setup your bot with your current groups or new groups.

If for any reason you’re struggling use the chat now widget and we’ll help you through the installation process.

Once you’ve setup the installation process, you’ll link your customers to your bot.

There is a link you can use when advertising your bot.

You can also take people to your website if you prefer.

We have various website templates you can use to change the feel and design of your brand.

Once they’ve clicked onto your bot, they’ll be able to sign up to a plan, make a payment through checkout and then connect to the bot.

To get the full customer experience you can try our demo bot.

Our custom Dashboard is feature rich.

You’ll be able to see sales revenue, subscription volume, setup subscriptions and create custom responses for your bot.

We suggest you sign up for free and try out the dashboard. No payment is required!

Yes, you can cancel your plan at anytime. On cancellation you’ll still have your remaining days to move your subscribers.

Any questions about migrating subscribers, please let us know.

Yes, depending on your plan. Our bot is infused with your own custom website. This allows you to advertise on Google and Facebook to people who may not have Telegram right away. You’ll be able to choose between various templates that are designed to convert new traffic into subscribers.

Let a Bot handle your Repetitive Tasks

Handle Frequently Asked Questions, Setup Subscriptions in minutes and allow users to try your groups in seconds.

Our Bot is completely customisable so you can tap into your niche, whether you’re a Tipster, Forex Signal Company or just running your business through Telegram.

Dashboard & Website!

You’ll get your own dashboard showing your recurring revenue, a bot control panel allowing you to tweak your bot to your needs and be able to set up multiple subscriptions effortlessly.

There is no need to create your own website, we’ve setup various templates to show off your brand, all optimised to display your brand on Google. get organic traffic and help you grow.

We are the bridge that combines Telegram with Websites, giving you a full solution to managing your business and brand.


Beginner Plan

Free Forever

Growth Plan

£100 a month


Business Plan

£200 a month

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